A Monument Celebrates a Life

A monument placed on the grave of a loved one is one of the most tangible expressions of love and devotion. It speaks out as a voice from yesterday telling a story of your loved one and inspiring faith and hope for generations yet to come.

Waldheim Cemetery Co. Monument Showroom

As one of the leading monument dealers in Chicagoland, Waldheim Cemetery Co. has access to all of the highest quality stone, artists and craftsmen from all over the world. We can easily handle any of your monument needs from adding on to an existing monument with a new inscription to choosing a brand new stone. Our complete monument services can also accommodate those who wish to build their own family mausoleum or add to an existing one.

When you purchase a monument from Waldheim Cemetery Co., our staff will handle all the details from design, inscription and installation in just one easy step. Our trained personnel can help you design and select a quality memorial that will best express your personal choice. You can rest assured that your monument will be designed to your exact specifications, expertly inscribed and professionally installed to your complete satisfaction.

We will also schedule and handle the dedication details and most importantly, ensure that your monument is maintained properly throughout the years. Since 1873 we’ve been there for the Chicagoland Jewish community and you can count on us to be there in the future for you.

Our monument department and showroom is located on the eastern side of Waldheim Cemetery Co. at 1700 S. Harlem Avenue, in North Riverside, just south of Roosevelt Road.

For more information please feel free to contact Joseph or Barry at the monument department at 708-366-4101 or via e-mail at monuments@waldheimcemetery.com