Waldheim Cemetery Annual and Endowed Care

Waldheim Cemetery Annual and Endowed Care

Annual Care and Endowed Care Options

At Waldheim Cemetery Co., we offer families the option of either annual care or endowed care to ensure that the graves of their loved ones are maintained in a respectful, dignified, and loving manner. Our caring staff can help you choose the best option for you and your family, so you can rest assured that they are cared for throughout the years.

Annual Care

With Annual Care, you will receive a proposal each year in the spring detailing the care to be performed on the grave for that year, along with the associated costs. This typically includes regular mowing, trimming, flower planting and any other special care arranged for previously through our office. It also may include one-time maintenance concerns such as monument straightening and other care issues.

Once payment for Annual Care is received by Waldheim, the grave is tended to by our trained in-house maintenance staff. We guarantee your satisfaction on all maintenance and care.

Endowed Care

Endowed Care is truly a gift, as it will provide peace of mind today for the professional care of your loved one’s grave site and monument for now and the generations to come. For just a little more than you might be paying for Annual Care, Endowed Care allows you to eliminate the Annual Care invoices and have peace of mind while knowing that you have fulfilled a family responsibility by taking care of the grave sites. Flexible, family friendly and easy pay installment plans are set up so there is no need for postponing or waiting, you can start benefitting from Endowed Care today. Only the net income earned from this sizeable, state regulated Endowed Care trust fund and paid to Waldheim Cemetery Co. will take care of the graves and monuments for the years to come.

Waldheim Cemetery Co. features affordably priced plans all with regular and periodic inspection of monuments and landscaping, and all work is guaranteed for quality and workmanship. Our Endowed Care plans also offer flexible payment schedules that can be arranged to fit into almost any budget.

With just your first payment, Waldheim Cemetery Endowed Care will go into effect. Trained Waldheim Cemetery Co. personnel will immediately landscape the grave with brand new sod, straighten and secure the monuments if necessary and most importantly begin the regular care and inspections that will insure that these graves will always look maintained, dignified, respected, and remembered.

Over the years, Waldheim Endowed Care has consistently provided the best value and peace of mind versus the traditional annual care estimates which unfortunately do not provide for the future and usually results in neglected graves.

Waldheim Endowed Care is part of the General Care Foundation for Jewish Cemeteries. This fund was created over fifty years ago and resides in a local Federally Deposit Insured & State Registered Financial Institution which is supervised by the Comptroller of the State of Illinois. Only the net income that this sizable fund generates is used to maintain the grave of your loved one for now, next year and the years ahead.

Contact our office to learn more about our Endowed Care options.


If you can’t visit the grave and want to see what it looks like at any particular moment, just contact us and we will send you a photo of the grave(s) date stamped at no additional charge.